Rev Esp Quimioter 2009:22(2):93-105

Antiparasitic drugs. Review of the useful drugs in the treatment of clasic and emergent parasitic diseases

J.L. Pérez,  C. Carranza y F. Mateos J.-L. Pérez ,  C. Carranza y F. Mateos 


Source. Critical review of the litterature.

Structure. Firstly, several general considerations were made on the antiparasitic drugs revised in this paper. Chemical structures and mechanisms of action of the main drugs with antiparasitic effect were considered in the second part of the review. Further, antiparasitic spectrum of selected drugs, main pharmacokinetical characteristics, usual posology, possible side effects and contraindications were detailed. Finally, some practical aspects, such as interactions and the methods for practical obtention of these drugs are indicated. This information is relevant because in Spain many anti-parasitic drugs may be obtained using non conventional methods.

Conclusion. In Spain, the increase of parasitic diseases it does necessary an update on antiparasitics drugs for their treatment.


Key words: Antiparasitic drugs. Mechanism of action. Spectrum. Pharmacokinetics. Side effects.

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