Rev Esp Quimioter 2009:22(3):127-134

Pilot Drug Utilization Study of systemic antifungal agents in the Hospital Clínico San Carlos. Proposal of a study method

S. Alonso ,  A. Arribi ,  J. Vergas ,  M. C. Martín ,  B. Arce ,  A. Terleira y A. Portolés 


Introduction. The study aims to define a method for the evaluation of the usage of systemic antifungal agents, and test it, in order to be able to develop larger studies.

Method. Drug Use Study, pilot, observational, prescription- indication. We proposed a definition of antifungal type of treatment using as host factors the EORTC (European Organization for Research and Treatment of Cancer) criteria, the patient’s clinical data as well as any evidence of fungal infection. Adequate use was evaluated by three standards of comparison: summary of product characteristics, hospital recommendations and an experts’ committee.

Results. 60 antifungal prescriptions were recovered: fluconazole: 39; itraconazole: 6; liposomal amphotericin B: 5; caspofungin: 5; voriconazole: 5. Treatment was started as follows (N;%): microbiological (28;46.7), empirical (22;36.7) and prophylactic use (7;11.7). The indication for antifungal treatment was considered adequate in more than 90% of the cases for the three standards of comparison, whereas selection in 75-83% of the cases.

Conclusions. The method is considered satisfactory for the evaluation of antifungal treatments and is proposed for being used in larger studies. For all the antifungal agents evaluated, a high degree of appropriateness of use was found, though some conditions are considered improvable.

Key words:Antifungal agents. Drug utilization study. Study method. Prescription. Appropriateness. Indication. Selection of drugs.    


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