Rev Esp Quimioter 2010:23(1):4-11

Nonantimicrobial effects of tetracyclines



Tetracyclines are a family of antibiotics very common in clinical practice that have been used in not infectious affections. One of their most studied actions is their ability to inhibit matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs), a group of proteinases that have been implicated in pathological processes as oncogenesis and inflammation. Tetracyclines have been shown to play an important role in malignant angiogenesis and cancer invasion, which is related with tumor aggressiveness and metastatic potential. They also show anti-inflammatory activity in neurological, respiratory, bone and heart diseases, and in rheumatologic and dermatologic processes. The aim of this review is to make an updating about the non antimicrobial actions of tetracyclines, specially their therapeutic applications in different diseases.

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