Rev Esp Quimioter 2012:25(3):172-179

Matematical modeling of antibiotic resistance. Perspectives from a meta-analysys                 

M. J. FRESNADILLO-MARTÍNEZ, E. GARCÍA-SÁNCHEZ, E. GARCÍA-MERINO, Á. MARTÍN-DEL-REY, Á. RODRÍGUEZ-ENCINAS, G. RODRÍGUEZ-SÁNCHEZ, J. E. GARCÍA-SÁNCHEZ                                                                         

The antibiotic resistance is one of the greatest challenges of the international health community. The study of antibiotic resistance must be a multidisciplinary task and, in this sense, the main goal of this work is to analyze the role that Mathematical Modeling can play in this scenario. A qualitative and cuantitative analysis of the works published in the scientific literature is done by means of a search in the most important databases: MEDLINE, SCOPUS and ISI Web of Science. Consequently, there are few papers related to our topic but the existing works have been published in high-quality and impact international journals. Moreover, we can state that mathematical models are a very important and useful tool to analyze and study both the treatments protocols for resistance prevention and the assesment of control strategies in hospital environtment, or the prediction of the evolution of diseases due to resistant strains.


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