Rev Esp Quimioter 2012:25(2):100-121

Antibiotheraphy in the 21st century, antibacterials for the second decade. Posibilities or realities in the future? 
J. E. GARCÍA-SÁNCHEZ, E. GARCÍA-MERINO, Á.  MARTÍN-DEL-REY, E. GARCÍA-SÁNCHEZ                                                             

A review of some antibacterial products is done motivated by the serious situation arisen by the antimicrobial resistance in bacteria. The attention is focus on those drugs with suitable antimicrobial properties that have prospects to be commercialized in the next years because of they are undergoing a clinical development phase (I, II, III). The search for these antibacterial products has been done by an exhaustive study of conference proceedings and web pages of international congresses on chemotherapy, infectious diseases and new antimicrobial drugs. Some of the new antibacterial products acts on known targets, and they belong to already used families. Furthermore, the great majority acts against the gram-positive bacterium. There is also some limited-spectrum antimicrobial drug whose use would minimize the adverse biological effects.


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