Rev Esp Quimioter 2013:26(2):128-130

A rare case of Meleney’s Ulcer after partial chemical matricectomy                                


Background. Meleney’s ulcer is a rare, but potentially deadly infection that often occurs in post-surgical sites. This type of ulcer has not previously been reported in the toenail after phenol matricectomy.
Patient Case. A female patient underwent partial phenolization of the medial nail matrix of the hallux, but after 2 months had a recurrent spicula that caused Meleney’s ulcers.
Results. The ulcers remained after treatment with antibiotics, and further surgery was required to fully clear the infection.
Conclusion. This case and review of Meleney’s ulcer highlights the deceptively benign initial presentation of necrotizing fasciitis at the hallux after partial chemical matricectomy surgery using a phenol-based approach.

Rev Esp Quimioter 2013:26(2):128-130 [pdf]