Rev Esp Quimioter 2015:28(Suppl. 1):16-18

Usefulness of PK/PD parameters of antimicrobials in the treatment of complex and extremely-resistant infections     


Complex or difficult to treat infections should benefit from antimicrobial PK/PD data in each specific situation. In the case of multidrug resistant gram negative infections the optimized use of colistin needs the using of PK/PD indexes. Likewise, in infections of inaccessible sources, PK/PD concepts play a key role in choosing the best antimicrobial and dosage. An example would be the potential role of linezolid in CNS infections. Among fungal infections, symptomatic candiduria by fluconazole-resistant strains are a therapeutic challenge. In this context micafungin could be a good alternative, again based on PK/PD concepts.

Rev Esp Quimioter 2015:28(Suppl. 1):16-18 [pdf]