Rev Esp Quimioter 2015:28(Suppl. 1):52-53

Optimization strategies in management of CMV infection in transplant patients     

DAVID NAVARRO              

Currently, two therapeutic strategies are applied for preventing the development of CMV end-organ disease in transplant recipients: universal prophylaxis and preemptive antiviral therapy. Both are potentially optimable. As for the former strategy,  precisely identifying patients at greatest risk of viremia would allow for a targeted prophylaxis. In this sense several genotypic, immunological and biological markers have been described that could be ancillary to that purpose. As for the latter strategy, combined monitoring of plasma CMV DNA load and peripheral levels of CMV-specific CD8 + and CD4 + IFN-γ producing T cells would permit a more rationale use of antivirals, thus avoiding overtreatment and derived toxicity.

Rev Esp Quimioter 2015:28(Suppl. 1):52-53 [pdf]