Rev Esp Quimioter 2016;29(1):1-7

Current status of drug treatment against the disease caused by the Ebola virus     

JORDI REINA              

The recent epidemic of disease caused by the Ebola virus has highlighted the need to develop specific drugs and have to deal with this entity. According to virological analysis they have been designed to give you some new drugs and are proven to others might be effective against this virus.
The main lines of therapy are based on immunotherapy (convalescent serum of patients and specific monoclonal an-tibodies), antiviral drugs (favipiravir, BCX4430, brincidofovir), interfering RNAs (TKM-Ebola) and antisense oligonucleotides (morpholino phosphorodiamidate) and other drugs no antiviral (clomiphene NSC62914, FGI-103, amiloride and ouabain).
Existing studies are scarce and mainly in animal models and clinical trials have been inconclusive most by the drastic reduction in the number of new cases.
However, progress has been made in the biological knowl-edge of Ebola virus and have been located new therapeutic tar-gets for the future development of specific antiviral.

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