Rev Esp Quimioter 2017; 30(1):40-44

Comparative study of HIV-1/2 antibody confirmatory assay: Geenius™ versus INNO-LIA™                    


Introduction. The aim of the study is to compare two confirmatory tests for HIV-1/2 infection.
Material and methods. A prospective study was carried out between 01/01/2015 and 12/31/2015. Serum samples with repeatedly positive results in the Antibody-Antigen-HIV-1/2 (Architect, Abbott) screening assay were included. The serum samples corresponding to new diagnosed cases were selected and were used to compare the two confirmatory assays: Geenius™ HIV-1/2 (Bio-Rad) and INNO-LIA™ HIV-1/2 score line-immunoassay (Innogene-tics®). The HIV-1 viral load (Cobas® AmpliPrepHIV, Ro-che) was performed in discordant or indeterminate cases.
Results. Eight five samples were included. The results of both confirmatory assays were concordant in 80/85 samples: 53 HIV-1, 1 HIV-2, 25 negative and one indeterminate. Cohen’s Kappa concordance coefficient between Geenius™ and INNO-LIA™ techniques was very high (0.878).
Conclusion. The concordance between the two assays is high. The procedure for Geenius™ is simple and fast. Geenius™ is a good alternative to include in the HIV-1/2 diagnostic algorithm.

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