Rev Esp Quimioter 2020; 33(1):11-17

Compliance with preventive measures against malaria of personnel treated in the centre of international vaccination of the Minister of Defence (Spain)   



Objective. This study evaluated the compliance with preventive measures against malaria of the personnel treated in the Spanish Defence International Vaccination Centre (CVI).
Material and methods. A retrospective study was conducted from November to December 2017. The population was 534 individuals. All were treated in CVI, prior to their deployment on endemic areas of malaria, with prevention measures type C and D. A questionnaire of 23 items was elaborated.
Results. The percentage of response to the questionnaire was 36.9% (n=194), 100% were male. Air conditioner was the most used protection measure 93.8% (IC 95% 90.4-97.2). Only 35.5% (95% CI: 28.8-42.2) of them, showed good adherence to medication. The factors that influenced in the adherence were the country and the length of deployment. It was not established a direct relationship between the occurrence of adverse reactions and low adherence to treatment.
Conclusions. The general protection measures against malaria were met in a high percentage, whilst the use of chemoprophylaxis was very low. These epidemiological data allowed us to know the validity of the health education that is provided in the traveller’s care consultation. It also allowed being aware of the possibilities of infection and import of malaria by personnel of the Spanish Armed Forces. The traveller’s office will reinforce the importance of taking the adequate chemo-prophylaxis trough conferences and informative diptychs..

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