Rev Esp Quimioter 2021;34(5) 496-499

Mycoplasma genitalium in Primary Care: Prevalence and azithromycin resistance in Santiago de Compostela Health Care Area


Published: 21 July 2021


Objectives. Mycoplasma genitalium is associated with persistent/recurrent sexually transmitted infections. The aim of this work was to estimate the prevalence and azithromycin resistance of M. genitalium in general population that was attended at Primary Care of Santiago de Compostela Health Care Area.
Material and methods. The study was carried out in 2019 in general population of Santiago de Compostela Health Care Area. Real-time multiplex PCR was used for screening of sexually transmitted infections associated pathogens and detection of mutations in the 23S rRNA gene.
Results. A total of 502 women and 532 men were studied. The prevalence of M. genitalium was 2,4% in men and 2,9% in women. Overall azithromycin resistance was 20% all of them detected in men. The mutations found were A2059G, A2058G and A2058T.
Conclusions. Although the proportion of M. genitalium infection is low, the high percentage of azithromycin resistance detected supports the relevance of these data in order to the right management of the patients with sexually transmitted diseases and, so as, to avoid the emergence of resistance in other pathogens of the urogenital tract.

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